WHAT: Thomas Blackwell - Inspirarional Language
WHEN: October 7th 10am to 1pm
WHERE: Gallos Resturant on Old Seward, Anchorage

Meet Thomas Blackwell

Thomas Blackwell is the CEO and Founder of Say Do Achieve, whose vision is to significantly improve the language and mindset of more than one billion people worldwide through authorship, inspirational talks and workshops, and peak performance coaching. He has given more than a thousand talks and workshops worldwide to corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, sales teams, athletes, religious groups, and students.

While attending Northern Arizona University on a music/voice scholarship, Thomas competed in tennis and soccer and later coached tennis at the Division I level. His business experience runs deep as he has owned and operated a successful seven-figure insurance agency with more than one hundred agents in three different locations. While realizing some significant success in business in 2004 he was asked to tell his story in seven minutes to a group of more than ten thousand people. His being requested to speak and inspire as a keynote and facilitator has never stopped since. This inevitably led him to this vocation he didn’t even know was an option.

Above it all, Thomas’s greatest blessings from God are being married to his high school sweetheart, and being the father to four precious daughters.




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